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Temporary colour effects for hair and wigs.

Colour Effects

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Kryolan Aquacolor Hair Mascara

Aquacolor Hair Mascara in an applicator bottle with brush to design colorful, stringy-like hair effects. Aquacolor Hair Mascara applied effortlessly with the applicator brush to the desired location and let dry. If necessary, the process can be repeated. Aquacolor Hair Mascara is easily removed with warm water and shampoo.
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Kryolan Color Spray 150 ml

Color Spray is an effectively covering spray for hair effects and wigs. The wide selection of colors from intensive and vivid colors is outstandingly suited for highly imaginative creations. Other color shades supplement character make-up with realistic effects. Apply Color Spray from a distance of about 30 cm. It can be very easily removed with shampoo...
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Kryolan Pearl Color Spray 150 ml

Temporary colour spray for hair and wigs in aerosol can. Excellent coverage. This PEARL COLOR SPRAY is pearlescent and can be used to create a white or silver effect. You may wish to combine this spray with the standard version in white or grey.
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Kryolan Temple White 12 ml

Temple White is a classic preparation for whitening the temples for an aging effect. Apply with a small brush against the natural hair direction. Remove effortlessly with water and shampoo.
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Kryolan UV-Dayglow Spray 150 ml

UV-Dayglow Spray is a colorful spray with exceptionally luminous color effects for hair effects and wigs. Can be washed out. It glows intensively under ultraviolet black light and fascinates by its intensity under bright light.
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Multi Gel 50 ml

Multi Gel is a special gel for colorful body & hair effects. Multi Gel is easy to apply with fingers or a brush to the desired area of skin and easily removed with soap and water. Previously, Multi Gel in sizes of 50 ml was distributed under the name Hair Gel.
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