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Professional make-up for theatre, film, television & special f/x


An amazing line of professional beauty and special f/x make-up by brands like Kryolan.


  • Accessories
    <p>Professional make-up accessories. Click here for <a href="15-bags-cases">Bags &amp; Cases</a> and <a href="16-brushes">Brushes</a>.</p>
  • Bags & Cases
    <p>Bags and cases for make-up artists.</p>
  • Brushes
    <p>Professional make-up brushes and everything to keep them clean.</p>
  • Face & Body
    <p>Primers, foundations, concealers and more to create the perfect base for your make-up.</p>
  • Aquacolor Wet Make-Up
    <p>Aquacolor is a glycerin-based compact make-up, especially color-intensive, with the ingredients of superior-quality skin cream preparations. Aquacolor is universally applicable, primarily as a make-up for face and body painting.</p>
  • Special Effects
  • Dermacolor Camouflage
    <p>The Dermacolor Camouflage System by Kryolan is especially highly pigmented make-up which is designed to correct and cover skin disfigurements, discolorations and tattoos. Book an appointment with our certified camouflage make-up specialist: +31 180 51 00 11.</p>
  • Supracolor Greasepaint
  • Lips
  • Make-Up Setting
    <p>Setting, fixing and finishing products for your make-up. Make it longlasting.</p>
  • Eyes
  • Glitter
  • Pencils
    <p>High-quality cosmetic pencils that can be used for eyes, eyebrows, and lips. Including Kryolan's contour and Kajal pencils.</p>
  • Maqpro - Le maquillage...
    <p>Maqpro is a unique line of professional make-up made in France. Well known for its wax-based Fard Creme that is waterproof and and stable under cold and hot situations. The make-up has a lasting power of up to 12 hours which makes it perfect for demanding conditions like film, stage and fashion.<br /><br />Maqpro uses the best ingredients for its cosmetics which contain no parabens and are cruelty free.</p>
  • Removal & Care
    <p>High-quality make-up removers by Kryolan and Maqpro for easy and quick removal of our professional make-up. Here you will also find skin care products like moisturizes and collagen creams.</p>
  • Books & Magazines
  • Tool Belts

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