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Make-Up Brushes and Brush Cleaners


Professional make-up brushes and everything to keep them clean.


  • Kryolan Excellence
    <p>Kryolan's Excellence line of make-up brushes features outstanding products handmade by master craftsmen. They have classical wooden handles, finished with brown enamel paint and made in Germany. The Kolinsky red-marten bristles used here satisfy the most demanding quality expectations. Our Excellence make-up brushes are available in four models: Round, Flat, Filbert, Angular.</p>
  • Kryolan Professional
    <p>Professional Make-up Brushes are manufactured by experienced craftsmen using natural Chinese sable to create these excellent make-up brushes - and to provide the make-up artist with a functional tool at an especially attractive price.</p>
  • Kryolan Modern Art
    <p>Kryolan's Modern Art brushes are made from technological innovative synthetic filament for precise, creative make-up designs.</p>
  • Kryolan Torey Faser
    <p>Top-quality synthetic Japanese Fibres are used by carefully selected brushmakers to craft these professional make-up brushes by Kryolan. The result is an outstanding make-up brush for many and various applications.</p>
  • Kryolan Training
    <p>These Training Brushes by Kryolan are made from synthetic fiber and are perfect for all beginners. This brush range is ideal for any type cream make-up, but also in use with Aquacolor for face and bodypainting.</p>
  • Kryolan Premium
    <p>Kryolan's Premium Brushes have aluminium handles and top-quality bristles.</p>
  • Kryolan Illusion
    <p>Kryolan Illusion range of 13 brushes was designed by leading professionals in the face and body art industry.</p>
  • Cleansers
  • Kryolan Blue Master
  • Powder Brushes

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