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Make-Up Fixing, Finishing and Setting Powders


Elevate your makeup artistry with our selection of professional-grade finishing, fixing, and setting powders favored by industry experts. These finely milled formulas are the perfect finishing touch, ensuring your make-up stays put for hours.

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Anti-Shine Powder - 10 g

Anti-Shine Powder is a special matt powder, similar in its way to Asian rice powder. At the same time, however, Anti-Shine Powder prevents unwanted dull effects and creates a pleasant feeling on the skin. Anti-Shine Powder is colorless and is especially effective for the additional matting effects that become necessary during long shooting sessions.
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Digital Complexion Finish 15 g

Kryolan's Digital Complexion Finish powder is an ultra-fine loose setting powder with a coated silica base for specific use on advancing technologies. This setting powder has been specifically designed to appear invisible on the skin under the most cutting-edge resolutions in today’s media.
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