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Professional Theatre, Film and Beauty Make-Up Books

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A collection of excellent books on theatre and film make-up, body and face painting, special effects make-up, and professional beauty looks.

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Art & Makeup Limited Edition

This stunning showcase of work by award-winning make-up artist Lan Nguyen-Grealis features over 200 images created specifically for the book, including photography by Rankin. The looks are inspired by paintings, sculpture, cinema and performance arts, with references to Picasso, Warhol, Giacometti, Cleopatra, Mad Men and Sin City. Step-by-step...
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Art Color Ballet

The Album features Cracow Art Color Ballet, a modern dance ensemble founded by Agnieszka Glińska. The group is famous for its performances featuring the dancers’ painted bodies, which constitute an integral, distinctive part of the founder’s artistic vision. The pictures are accompanied by commentaries from artists who introduce us into the art of body...
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Body Art Fashion

This large hardcover book takes a detailed look into how body painting is becoming more popular in the fashion industry. Leading artists from around the world are featured within its 160 colourful pages. There is a behind the scenes look at the Body Art Fashion Show organised by Karala at the World Boydpainting Festival as well as useful insights into...
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Champion At Heart

A step by Step practical guide from the World Champions of Bodypainting. Champion at Heart brings together established artists with the fresh talent that is making the body art industry the fast growing and explosive art platform that it has become. Follow these inspiring artists as they create groundbreaking works. Step by step experience the...
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Fashions In Hair

The definitive text on hair fashions through the ages is back. This revised edition has 16 new pages by fashion historian Caroline Cox to bring hair fashions up to the present day. The first to attempt a comprehensive historical survey of men’s and women’s hair styles through the ages, from Ancient Egypt through Greece, Egypt, Rome, and Anglo-Saxon times...
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Fashions In Make-Up

In this highly praised volume, Richard Corson chronicles the pursuit of beauty from Ancient Egypt to the present day. Concentrating mainly on makeup traditions of the Western world, with some examples from other countries included for comparison, Corson describes the cosmetics with which men and women have decorated their faces, how they have applied...
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Hair & Wigs for the Stage

This book aims to provide solutions to a number of challenges that actors, make-up designers and wardrobe departments face when dealing with hair and wigs for stage productions.
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Kryolan Make-Up Manual

The Kryolan Make-up Manual is a specialized book about the essential fundamental knowledge of theatrical make-up, mask/mold making, body painting, high-definition make-up, and camouflage make-up – from practice for practice. Containing many images, examples of masks, and step-by-step instructions, the book is a standard reference for professionals and...
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Make-Up – Trade Secrets of the Professionals

This book is filled with professional tips for all aspects of make up application, from day-to-day wear to special event make up, and even make up for costume parties. For each technique, there are options for different skin tones, types and ages. The techniques show how to accentuate your best features, minimise blemishes or imperfections, and ideas for...
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Makeup Masterclass Rae Morris

The award-winning celebrity make-up artist Rae Morris looks back on 25 successful years in the beauty business during which not only the world has changed, but also the way how make-up is being done. In “Makeup Masterclass”, her 6th book, the famous Australian artist gives a quite extensive update on today’s make-up world by sharing all her insights and...
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Palace Of Colours

“Palace of Colours. The magic of make-up” is an extraordinary book on make-up, where a fairy tale of beautiful princesses becomes reality made up of flickering colours, fantastic textures and glimmering light. It is a book for every lady and every girl who believes that she can also be a queen – and not only some distant movie star. Thanks to “Palace of...
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