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MaqPro Simulated Skin 30 g

Use MaqPro Simulated Skin to create amazing skin effects which you can cut open, fill with blood and stitch back up again!First apply a thin layer of MaqPro Latex Protection. Then apply Simulated Skin. Let it dry and then stipple up to three thin layers of Liquid Latex on the area. Then apply a thin layer of powder. The “skin” can now be cut open and even...
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Sealer - 30 ml

Sealer is a clear synthetic liquid used for protection over latex, foam, wax models, putty noses, chins and other prosthetic pieces.
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Special Plastic - 30 g

Special-Plastic is a composition of natural waxes that is used for the realistic simulation of injuries, covering the eyebrows as well as change of charateristic facial shapes. It is recommended to warm Special-Plastic by gently knead the fingers before applying.
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Synthetic Pus Effect

Synthetic Pus Effect is a preparation for special visual effects in a suitable consistency, color and hygienic cosmetic quality. It is advisable to use this product only in little amounts for a realistic effect.
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