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Digital Complexion Concealer
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Digital Complexion Concealer

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This cutting-edge concealer is durable with a lightweight feel, providing you with the confidence you want to feel in your own skin. An emulsion base of water and silicone suitable for all skin types infused with phyto oils. It has sheer to medium coverage capabilities and is buildable. This self-setting, innovative formula has been designed for compatibility with modern technologies for an airbrushed impression leaving your complexion and smile beaming. The complex structure has a yielding effect resulting in a flawless complexion with a natural finish. Remove Digital Complexion Concealer with Natural Cleansing Oil from the Clean & Care line for a gentle and effective result.


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Digital Complexion Concealer can be applied before or after foundation, as desired. Shake the pen and then twist the applicator from the bottom to dispense the product. It’s advisable to use a Make-up Blending Plate or the back of your hand, if applying on yourself, to prevent cross contamination. Using your finger, brush or sponge, whichever your preference, blend the concealer into the skin using a patting technique until the liquid is absorbed into the skin and is seamlessly blended. The concealer can be layered, if required, to achieve higher coverage.