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Historical Wig Styling: Ancient Egypt to the 1830s

This is a guide to creating beautiful, historically accurate hairstyles for theatrical productions and events. This volume covers hairstyles from Ancient Egypt through Romantic/Biedermeier styles of the 1820s and 30s. Chapters begin with an overview of historic figures who influenced the look of each period and their styles, followed by step-by-step...
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Historical Wig Styling: Victorian to the Present

Let Historical Wig Styling be your guide to creating beautiful, historically accurate hairstyles for your productions and events. Chapters begin with artwork of historic figures that influenced the look of each period. Detailed step-by-step instructions explain how to create their iconic hairstyles, illustrated by photographs showing the finished look...
€ 31,50
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Make-Up – Trade Secrets of the Professionals

This book is filled with professional tips for all aspects of make up application, from day-to-day wear to special event make up, and even make up for costume parties. For each technique, there are options for different skin tones, types and ages. The techniques show how to accentuate your best features, minimise blemishes or imperfections, and ideas for...
€ 16,00
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Period Make-Up for Studio, Stage and Screen

Most of us can tell the difference between 50s make-up and 60s make-up, but what is it that makes these faces, and others, so distinctive, unique and of their time? And more importantly, how can this be achieved using modern cosmetics? This book will gibe you step-by-step instructions, tricks and tips for recreating authentic looks using contemporary...
€ 23,50
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Special Effects Makeup

Special effects have become an increasingly important part of both film and theatre production. With storylines becoming more sensational and technology more sophisticated, the market for high-quality special effects is huge.
€ 26,50
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Special Make-Up Effects for Stage and Screen

With this new edition of Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen, author Todd Debreceni presents the latest techniques and special effects in what has become an industry "bible." In addition to genre-specific considerations, Debreceni covers the latest gear you will need and details how to maintain your kit, how to take care of the actor's skin, how...
€ 46,50
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The Hair Stylist Handbook

Achieve professional quality hair results with this full-color, comprehensive book from award-winning hair and makeup pros, Gretchen Davis and Yvette Rivas. In The Hair Stylist Handbook: Techniques for Film and Television, you’ll learn how to create that sought-after "complete look" by learning the newest hair techniques that are in demand on film and...
€ 38,50
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The Make-Up Artist Handbook

Learn first-rate techniques and tips from some of the best makeup artists in the business in the new edition of The Makeup Artist Handbook. Renown makeup pros Gretchen Davis and Mindy Hall bring an impressive set of experience in all areas to the book, including work on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Steve Jobs, The Wolf of Wall Street, Blue Jasmine, Star...
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Theatrical Makeup

Theatrical Makeup clearly and concisely explains the basics of theatrical makeup techniques to allow stage actors to put their best face forward!Readers will gain understanding of the physiology of the human face and, using cream based makeup, as well as commercial cosmetics, learn how to contour it to suit the character with the use of highlight and...
€ 35,00
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